Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Teach a Multicultural Game?

Yang had the class work in pairs and teach the class a sport from a different country were not accustomed to. But why? I know why, many new culture's our entering our teaching system and being isolated or forced to assimilate and adopt our culture. What about theirs are they required to push it away. instead as educators we should use culture as enrichment and use it to our advantage. We should adopt parts of their culture and use it in our class, we should want to learn more about different cultures and be interested in learning something new. We should respect and accept all differences. Teaching a multicultural game or games reminds up that we are not the only country around and other people from around the world have cool things to teach us. I think this lesson was a great idea. Me and my partner chose fistball a game that was formed in early roman years but is now spread out across the world. We focused on Germany. And so far, so good the class seems to be getting a hang of the game can't wait to teach lesson two and provide visual aid and history. The lesson is not yet perfected but with time comes progress. If the class is excited as I am this game should go well and everyone will be enjoying themselves. I'll keep you updated on what happens next......

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Anonymous said...

fistball? never heard of it. guess i'll go look it up.

My personal favorite international sport is European handball.

nice post btw, you're spot on about the need to recognize and accept diversity, and sports are a great way to educate others.