Friday, October 24, 2008

Feedback = Motivation

We were told to teach the same lesson we taught in 255 the first time which was basketball this time incorporating feedback. I had no idea how important feedback was. When feedback was given my peers did a lot better with the focus of techniques in specific skills. I then had to complete a feedback sheet, and listen to myself as I gave feedback whether it was good job Joe or great getting low and keeping eyes up Jane. The more specific the feedback the better my peers improved. Also with feedback I notice motivation, the students showed me they wanted to do it correctly and at their very best. The motivation deserved recognition. It's amazing how each concept when teaching ties into each other and if you do a good job your students go home wanting to learn more, enjoying the game or sport, and learning their strengths and weaknesses. Teaching is a learning experience for both the student and teacher! Feedback is key for better outcomes.

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