Friday, October 24, 2008

My first P.E. Conference

October 10th was SUNY Cortland's annual mini conference hosted by the P.E. majors club APEM. I was asked to help work the conference so i walked around wearing a sign that said "Have any questions? ASK ME!" Boy was that fun I was a hit in the conference everyone wanted to wear one of these signs and smiled when they saw me. Ok so besides the work I did there I also got to participate in the opening act with Yang's 255 classes. This got the crowd moving and only took about 5 minutes. After we sat in the stands and were introduced to a ketnote speaker who spoke words that could make anyone's heart melt and be passionate about the job they do or the job they want to obtain. I ca not lie I shed a tear here and there. He is a well recognized adaptive P.E. teacher who has won many awards for his outstanding job in touching souls. We then all split up and went to different workshops the conference offered. I chose three which included a multucultural game, technology being offered to better P.E. classrooms, and cup stacking.All three presentations were worthwhile but i have to say cupstacking was my favorite and I all received free cups. what more can I say! I will bring cup stacking into my classroom. This was and experience I can just imagine how extreme large conferences are. Attending this conference is the reason why in November I will be attending Turning Stones Conference. Can't wait.....maybe I'll get more free stuff!

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