Thursday, November 13, 2008

In search of new land

We will conquer! Last Friday October 7, 2008 we began a new journey conquering lands and preaching to others how important physical education and fitness is. We set out on a voyage across the land and seas in search of the buried treasure but we were not alone. We were told we would be going on a scavenger hunt in groups of four. We were to wear heart rate monitors and watches that recorded are heart rate. the hunt was timed and not only that but we incorporated technology(cellphone)- to send pictures and video. We began are class by creating flags for our group and after displaying them to others. We then were given a sheet and set free. No one wanted to lose so we ran to the hints and locations. the whole time we were determined, we laughed, caught cramps, and sweat till our shirts were drenched. It was a race to the finish line. The heart rate monitors beeped like crazy when we ran at top speed. I was tired but not ready to give up. Throughout the scavenger hunt we were asked to complete a number of task my favorite had to be singing to the pool side staff "twinkle twinkle little star" and painting a unique flag. The lesson forced students to stay active will still having fun. we practiced teamwork one person would read the clue and the others would take turns figuring it out. Students enjoy lessons when they work in groups and have freedom for exploration and experimentation. We were given little direction and the the rest was up to us. students benefit through discovery learning and tend to hold the material longer. Not only can i benefit from such a lesson but incorporating other subjects such as they did can also help. The lesson incorporated history, language, art, thinking and communicating. So not only are the students learning things in their major subjects but it is also being incorporated into phys. ed for the student to learn and enjoy. And because the students are having fun they maintain the knowledge and benefit in their classes later. This lesson definetly kept me active and moving, I was tired but i did not want to give up on my team or myself. To prove how active I was my heart rate was charted and if the graph above is unclear then click here. For the majority of the time I stood in the healthy zone with little breaks in between. i thought this lesson was worth while, competitive and fun. but remember competitiveness is not always good to encourage in class, some kids may feel left out and inferior. But overall I think I burned some calories while being a kid all over again!

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